Coital Sex Positions

The book is illustrated with a number of different positions that couples can try. Experiment to avoid getting stuck in a rut with the same old position every time.  Use your imagination - the mind is the most erotic tool to engage in sexual thoughts - thoughts that can add excitement, and passion, to the moment.

      But if you need help in discovering what suits you both best - and positions that suit the situation, maybe in different places, or different relationships, or unexpected circumstances, the internet will usually provide some ideas - but without any knowledge of the preparation you need to go through.

     Again, dear lover, bear in mind that what follows here are simply illustrations of the mechanical moves; completely devoid of love, emotional entanglement, or any of the senses except visual; I say this to remind you that we are all different, and that you will still need to read the in-depth knowledge of the book's contributors, born out of personal experience; ordinary people from all walks of life, and of all ages, people like you and me.

     Our needs are different. Our ages are different. Our physical abilities are different. If you choose to base your loving simply on what you see through these links, you will definitley be disappointed - unless your aim is to be a porn star, with no emotional involvement.

Lovers Guide to Sexual Positions

The following link - be aware that this takes you to a pornography page of the web - will take you to a 56 minute video, introduced by Dr Dawn Harper, and showing live couples taking up numerous positions, and narration over to explain what can be expected from each position. This video is well presented and tastefully produced, but you might not like the advertisements that surround the video. Try 'full screen' and lose the ads, as well as get a bigger picture. Go here   

Sex Techniques and Positions

This website, also supported by advertising, shows stills that you can click on to get a bigger, clearer picture with plenty of text to explain. Go here.   

Best Sex Positions: The Top 40

Here's a site by Charlotte Gunn on Google+, that illustrates 40 (39, actually) positions using cartoon characters and associated text. The difference here is that you're invited to comment. The website is called GoodtoKnow and here's the link.

The variations can be mind-boggling; who can, or even wants to, do a hundred different positions?  But, amongst those you see I hope you find one or two positions that you both agree are worth trying. Most folk usually make do with 3, or sometimes 4 differing positions. But adding to your repertoire can be exciting and fun.

Looking further around these web pages you will also find pictures and advice for Lesbian and Gay couples, as well as Heterosexual.

Happy Love-making!

Clive Peters