The Author

Clive Peters - pictured below - has been studying human sexual behaviour and relationships since 1998.

His first book, How to Maximize Your Manhood - What Every Red-Blooded Male Needs to Know, not only hit the spot for those men who felt a little short-changed in the trouser department, but with proven safe exercise routines, continues to help thousands of men to grow in confidence, knowing that their love lives will not be lacking in their physical size and performance.

Interest shown by both sexes in his first book on sexual matters prompted Clive to study further and more extensively into sex and sexual relationships, resulting in his most recent Exploring Sex, Love and Lust. 

He was recently interviewed on NBC by Kate Delaney - this interview was syndicated to other broadcast stations - you may have been lucky enough to have heard it.

Clive is married with a grown-up family, and has homes in the UK
and the Canary Islands.
His hobbies include travel, sailing and entertaining.

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