What makes good sex? How do we recognize and share those most intimate feelings and desires? Recognising we are all different.​
​​Dear Clive:
   As you can tell, I have found myself quite committed of late to the idea that many men - maybe most men - really don't know all that much about women and sex. Of course it works both ways.
     Women know very little about men and frequently don't know all that much about their own bodies either. Like most people, by age 25 I thought I knew everything there was to know about sex. What a shock to learn 20 years later I knew hardly anything!
    Anyway, I feel strongly that knowledge is power. That's just as true in this case as in others. I enjoy sharing what I know and have found guys seem to enjoy hearing about it. If I can help you in any way, I would be happy to.

This letter came from one of the many contributors to this work - all written with open honesty and wide experiences - for the benefit of all readers. You will learn something new from each and every one of them.

Chapter 1. In the Beginning
A college boy and an 18 year old girl - with different partners - describe their 'first time' and speak of their mixed emotions and feelings, seeking answers to their questions, like she says: "Why do my friends tell me it is so wonderful when my experience tells me I'd rather enjoy a soak in the tub with a good book?" 
Chapter 2. Are You Obsessed With Sex?​
The author describes the best sex and shares his findings, through his research, with the reader. Just because you enjoy sex, and don't mind saying so, doesn't mean to say you're obsessed!
Chapter 3. Anatomy 101
We're all born virgins, and we have to start somewhere; so in this chapter you'll find accurate and illustrated descriptions of male sexual anatomy - external and internal - and the physiology of an erection. Female genitalia are described and illustrated as well as internal reproductory organs and their named parts.
Chapter 4. The Penis
What women think when they see a penis. Penis topics, including 'Does size matter?' with answers from women, and reassuring notes accompanying a chart showing average penis size, country by country. Premature ejaculation, edging, and EQ. Erectile dysfunction; treatments, supplements. Harder erections, increased girth and greater ejaculations are described. How PE exercises make your penis grow. The 'seven year itch.'
Chapter 5. Breasts
The rooting instinct. Breasts and sexual arousal. Erotic receptors. Involving breasts in sexual play. Breast comparisons. Augmentation. A woman's view. A man's view.
Chapter 6. Hair? Everywhere!
Body hair; why we are hairy. Hair fetish; what is normal. Sensuous. Methods of depilation. Manscaping.
Chapter 7. The Love Muscle
The pubococcygeal muscle group described and their function. Beyond the Kegel. Exercising and orgasm.
Chapter 8. The Chemistry of Love and Lust
What attracts us to another person. The difference between lust and romantic love. Pheromones. Endorphins. Immunoglobin A. Semen and Sperm. Their constituents, quality and quantity. Sunshine and sex. Food for sex. Alcohol and sex. Aphrodisiacs. Supplements. Oral contraceptives.
Chapter 9. The Female Orgasm
Learn to love your body. Great sex has nothing to do with perfect bodies. The health benefits of orgasms. The biggest sex organ. Understanding stimulation of the female physiology. The G-Spot. Female ejaculation.
Chapter 10. Vaginal Orgasm
Description of the G-Spot and how to locate it. G-Spot technique. The secret to female ejaculation described. The A-Spot, locating it, and A-Spot technique.
Chapter 11. Men Faking It
Women faking orgasm and the sexual shift to men faking it. The reality described.
Chapter 12. The Importance of Communication
Rejection. Where to start. Four true stories. Euphemisms. Humor. Choosing the moment. Security. Anxiety. The power of anticipation. Pillow talk. Sexting. Another true story.
Chapter 13. It Started With A Kiss
Like dancing. The perfect fit. Prepare for the kiss.
Chapter 14. More About Foreplay
The importance of foreplay. Foreplay for men; benefits for the man. Male foreplay erogenous zones. Communication and foreplay. Now her turn. Get your woman in overdrive.
Chapter 15. Making Love: A woman's and a man's perspective
Love matters. A woman's perspective; what it feels like to a woman when he ejaculates inside her. Not missing the big 'O'. A man's perspective; what sex feels like for a man.
Chapter 16. Positions and Locations
Traditional and beyond. Illustrated. Missionary and alternatives. The C.A.T. Scissors. Cowgirl. Reverse cowgirl. Cross-legged. Face sitting. Sixty nine. Teasing and prolonging. Adding heat to your passion. Outdoors. The couch (1, 2 and 3). The weight bench. Dining room. Kitchen. And more.
Chapter 17. Oral Sex
Man on woman. Woman on man. Preparations. Hygiene. Giving head. Positions. Oral techniques. Blow job. Advice from contributors. The guy's perspective. Tasty semen. Time for sleep.
Chapter 18. Anal Sex
Cultural and religious differences. It should never hurt. Seven rules. The taboos. Who does it. Prepping. Positions. Anal sex and Safety.
Chapter 19. Masturbation
Shared intimacy. Mutual Masturbation. Remote masturbation. Alternative method for females.
Chapter 20. Pornography
History. Women and porn. The generation, cultural, and gender gap. Global picture of legal and illegal acceptance. Editor's contribition. Age of innocense. Addiction. The changing face of porn. Dealing with addiction.
Chapter 21. Fetish and Fantasy
Imagination. Using the excitement. Eroticism. Water sports. Spanking. BDSM. Body alterations. Shoes. Feet. Voyeurism. Balloons. Bad language. Feederism. Enemas. Transvestism. Exhibitionism. Taking it too far. Danger and excitement. Consent.
Chapter 22. Conception and Contraception
Dr Michael Mosley describes conception. Methods of contraception. Things to consider. List of useful organisations for further help and guidance.
Chapter 23. Problem Solving
Imbalance of desire. Winter blues. S.A.D. Distractions. Hygiene. Oral hygiene. Cystitis. Bladder control. Peyronie's disease. Relationships. Sensate sexercises. Female sexual dysfunction. Libido. Menopause. Age. Stress. Sleep. The pill. STDs. STIs listed and described. Avoidance and treatment.
Chapter. 24. Quotes on Marriage by Famous Folk
Light hearted observation and comments by stars of the stage, screen and TV, authors and politicians.