Exploring Sex, Love and Lust
A few of the Reviews

​​By Brian
This is really equivalent to a "Masterclass" or "Series of Masterclasses" in Sex and Love, but brought together in one extremely unique book. It is a Text book, a Reference book, a book dealing with all aspects of sex and love and written in a style that is easy to read and learn from. Certainly the best I have read, and it is complete with illustrations, detailed descriptions, contributors' experiences and results of worldwide studies. My recommendation to the 1000's upon 1000's of readers who, like me, think they know everything about sex and love, is to acquire this book and discover how to achieve the best sex, fully understand your partner's needs, and resolve any problems. Truly a "Masterpiece". Brian, UK.
By R.L.Rackliffe, MD
With amazing clarity, this book approaches the entirety of the human sexual experience as few others ever have. The physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of sex are explored and demystified in an easy to read format. This book succeeds in teaching the reader to understand their own sexual desires and needs as well as their partner's. I would highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in achieving a more fulfilling, exciting sex life.
NY Times Blue Ink Review
Woody Allen said, "I don't know the question, but sex is definitely the answer." No doubt author Clive Peters would agree since he's made it his mission to answer questions about intimacy, intercourse, and romance in his accessible, fact-filled, often personal and ocassionally humorous book Exploring Sex, Love and Lust.
Peters promises in his introduction to teach readers to "understand what drives you, what drives your partner ... and what's most enjoyable..." Good news: Peters keeps that promise.
Head Teacher, 11-18 Community Academy, Essex, UK

I enjoyed reading this ... it has a chatty and approachable style. Although accessible to a younger age group ... is likely to appeal to older readers, too. Centred on love and respect, the book is optimistic and practical. 
Female online reader, NY, USA

It is a real pleasure to see so much good and sensible advice brought together in your book. I think you did a masterful job with a lot of difficult topics. Bravo!

A Family Physician, UK

An essential read for those yooung adults who wish to extend their knowledgeof sexual and loving relationships. And not only them; I know a few 65 year olds who would benefit, too! 
A Family Doctor, USA

Great book on a complicated subject. I would recommend it to my patients. The best advice on finding the G-Spot I have read, should be part of the national curriculum
Dominic Finn, Dental Surgeon and Parent, UK

Even though this book had a serious content, there were many humorous quotations, comparisons and illustrations that made my partner and I chuckle, leading to discussions that would otherwise have been difficult to initiate.